About Us

The Champions Cafe

Let us start off by telling you that Champions cafe is a family owned and operated business. We thought of this idea originally because we did not have a decent waiting area for our car wash customers. So, we bought the service station and remodeled it piece by piece. We then opened up a corner in the service station to sell Boar’s Head sandwiches and it was a complete success. As young entrepreneurs, we always strive to do better and give our customers the best treatment that we possibly can, so we contacted a well-known chef in the New York area, Hayron De Los Santos, and he created a concept that we have not seen yet. So now we offer a lot more than just sandwiches. Champions Café’s purpose is to offer people who do not have much time or are on the run to have a quality gourmet fast meal. We offer live tv as well as live sport entertainment on our comfortable waiting area a nice place to sit and just relax on your own time.